Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Easy Smoked Salmon

I don't mind salmon.  In fact I quite like it.  But I have to say that when it's prepared on the smoker, it's a new beast (or fish I guess) that I absolutely adore. 

This round is an easy smoked salmon.  A real no fuss no muss recipe.   

Although the low and slow method of smoking can produce fabulously tender  results, depending on the meat, it can also leave it quite dry.  Spritzing during cooking helps this, but sometimes I don't want that level of commitment in my cooking adventure.  That's where this recipe comes in. 

You simply mix some mayonnaise and dijon mustard and rub it onto the salmon evenly.  This not only provides a nize glaze on the salmon, but also seems to help prevent it from drying out.   I'm using a skinless fillet of salmon, so I've placed it on a heavy duty piece of foil.  To be extra sure it doesn't dry out, I turned up the edges of foil and added a bit of white wine. 

I prepared the smoker in usual fashion using apple pellets - turn to high for 15 minutes then reduced to about 250F.  I put the salmon on foil right on the grill and let it smoke for 2 hours. 

The final product was a lovely browned piece of salmon that wasn't too dry, but had a delicate flaky texture.  The mayo/dijon spread provided a mild, creamy flavour.  The aplle smoke wasn't overpowering, but provided a subtle smoky flavour. 

Bonus:  the cold leftover salmon proved to be both an excellent addition to eggs benedict, as well as an appetizer with cream cheese and crackers. 

Easy Smoked Salmon
1/2 cup mayonnaise
3 tbsp dijon mustard
1/2 cup white wine
Skinless salmon fillet

Prepare a large piece of heavy duty foil (or double a piece of regular foil) sized big enough to hold your salmon fillet.  Fold up the edges of the foil.  Mix the mayo and mustard and spread generously and evenly over the fillet.  Pour the wine around the salmon.

Prepare your smoker and smoke the salmon, on foil, for 2 - 2.5 hours at 250F. 

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