Sunday, 30 January 2011

Triple Smoked Ham with Jam Glaze

Don't let the name fool you, this recipe is not a lot of work where you have to cook something three times over.  In fact, it's just the opposite, it's a super easy way to spruce up your usual ham roast. 

I started with a double smoked ham roast from the grocery.  Traditionally you just reaheat these in the oven, maybe with a brown sugar glaze and cloves.  This is fine, but lacks the depth that an extra round of smoking brings out. 

I didn't trim the ham as keeping the fat serves two fantastic purposes:  i) it prevents the ham from drying out; ii) it forms a delicious crackling crust upon extra smoking.  I mixed together some jam -a mango/peach blend - with some mustard powder and allspice.  A rubbed the jam glaze on the roast and voila it was ready for smoking.

I prepared the smoker with pecan pellets (you could use any light-medium smoked wood, but I wouldn't go for the stronger options on this one).  Heated it on high for 15 minutes then reduced it to 250F and plopped the ham on. 

Three hours later I returned to a gorgeous ham roast.  This likely could be done in 1-2 hours, but I like the extra bit of time to really form that crackling crust. 

When I make this roast I make sure I have lots left over, I've even done two at a time just for the extras.  I never buy the processed ham anymore.  The leftovers are great for sandwiches, pizza, quiche, you name it.  They also freeze nicely (I vacuum pack them into smaller portions for meals). 

Triple Smoked Ham with Jam Glaze
1 - 6 lb double smoked ham roast (I'm sure single smoked would work just fine)

For Glaze:
1 1/2 cups mango, peach, or apricot jam
1 tbsp dry mustard
1/2 tsp allspice

Pecan pellets (or apple, cherry, alder)

Place the ham on a large cutting board or baking sheet.  (This is just to catch juices and help carry it to the smoker.  Mix all glaze ingredients in a small bowl and slather all over the ham. 

Prepare your smoker with pecan pellets.  Preheat your smoker on high for 15 minutes then reduce to 250F.  Place the ham on the smoker and let cook for 3 hours. 

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