Sunday, 22 November 2009

Smoked Corn Casserole

This was an experiment. But I'm happy to say that it was a rather successful one. I've made hashbrown/potato casseroles before, but I wanted something different. I also wanted something with a bit of spice to complement other Southwestern dishes I had on the go.

Corn. Jalapenos. Leftovers. All the fixin's for a brilliant corn casserole - but done on the smoker.

What I did was throw a bunch of stuff together. Literally. This became a bit of a "using up the leftovers" dish (or eating down the fridge as it were), but with enough thought to ensure tastiness . I also wanted flavours that would take smoke well.

I started with some frozen corn. Then I chucked in some chopped ham - not the icky processed stuff, but some ham that I had actually previously smoked (but that's another blogpost). From there a last chipotle chile in adobo sauce that I had leftover, 1/2 jalapeno pepper that I had leftover, some green onions (just on hand, not leftover), and a tex mex blend of cheese (semi-leftover) . I mixed all these great ingredients together, then finished with a blend of cream and eggs.

I topped with additional cheese and put on the smoker. This was a bit tricky as the heat was first at 275F for another dish for 1 hour. But when that was done the corn didn't' look quite ready, so I cranked the heat to 400F and let it finish for 1 hour. Perfect.

This was yummy. I find that some veggie dishes really take smoke well, and corn is definitely one of them.

My new leftover go to dish.