Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Smoke Under Pressure

I like to cook. I am not a chef. I consider myself somewhat of a foodie, but not a snobby foodie. I like to taste unique beautifully prepared foods, but I also find comfort in some of those wacky recipes from decades gone by that would be considered less than posh, and snubbed by many a gourmand.

I also like kitchen gadgets - another characteristic that some foodies consider appalling. For example we should not resort to utilizing a cuisinart to chop, and stick with a good cutting board and chef's knives. For me, its more of a mood thing. Sometimes I like the detail of chopping a lovely onion perfectly by hand, but other times I get great satisfaction out of the speed of the cuisinart.

Finally, I love to experiment with different forms of cooking beyond cooktops, ovens, and grills. Be it trite trends like cooking stones, or convenient appliances like slow cookers, for me its all fun. For this blog, my intent is to focus on two, quite different methods: smoking and pressure cooking. Hence, smoke under pressure.

So there it is. My premise. But, all that said, even though this is my intended focus, I still may from time to time chat about other gadgets, kitchen appliances, recipes or miscellaneous food stuff.

So there it is . . .

Copyright and Disclosure

All the recipes posted on Smoke Under Pressure.blogspot.com are my own original, copyrighted work unless otherwise stated. If a recipe has been adapted, inspired or modified from another source, that source is clearly identified and it is clearly stated that it has been adapted, inspired, or modified. If a recipe is reproduced in its entirety from another source, written approvals have been received from that source and that source is clearly identified.

Unless otherwise stated, all photos on this website are the original copyrighted works of my husband (the good ones) or myself (the not-so-good ones). If photos are from other sources, that source is clearly identified and written approvals have been obtained.

I am not a professional chef and I do not work in the food industry. This blog is my personal account of food adventures and is in no way related to my work or my employer.

If you wish to copy any part of this blog, please contact me at SmokeUnderPressure@gmail.com

Links to this blog do not require prior permission.

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